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Universal Testing Machine (Hydraulic Type Mechanical Type)

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  • DTU-900MH Series is not solid but adaptable system structure.
    It has various dimentions and shapes of frame, high performance and powerful interface system (DTU-1000X),fexible and esay to use application software.
    It's optional functions and devices offers any testing ways that you need.
  • As a major sales activities, we always make proposal of proper system for our clients.thinking over the user;s demands, data,quality of graph. "What machine do they want"With our abundant experiences and technologies, You can get any "exact" data that you want easily and quickly.Take consult with us. We have experienced engineers, technologies, and devices.
    We are always on your side.
  • DTU-900HC Series(Hydraulic Type) is multifunctional computerized servo hydraulic machine.Tensile, Compress, bending and other tests for all types of specimens.Powerful DTU-1000X offer high quality graphs and results with it's outstanding data scan functions.